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A Madagascar

Our goals and our fight

-  Parrainage d’enfants

-  Aide médicale gratuite

-  Construction d’écoles de brousse

-  Aide aux familles et aide d’urgence


Join us and make an impact

Sponsorships fund schooling and all medical expenses. They contribute to the improvement of the premises: construction of sanitary facilities, extension of the kitchen. They are also used to hire personnel who value the agricultural land of the orphanage.  Today, the association supports a dispensary for the benefit of part of the population of Ambatolampy, a network of support for bush schools is being set up. In France, an education in international citizenship makes it possible to sensitize pupils of the 1st and 2nd degree to the problems of Africa. 

Nous soutenir


- Awareness-raising actions in schools leading to a bake sale for the benefit of the BIENVENUE association. 
-Submission of a file to the Municipal Youth Council for the granting of a subsidy. A team of five young people allowed the development of a library and a toy library within the structure. 
-Another team installed a pump, financed by a donation, allowing the irrigation of the gardens and the rehabilitation of the orchard. 

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